Rustic Interior Design

Room in Roof

Attic or room in roof insulation sounds similar to loft insulation, however, the way it is installed is different and depends on the room. Find out now how your conversion can be insulated to reduce your energy bills and keep you warmer!

What is Room in Roof Insulation?

Having a room in your roof is different from having just an accessible attic for storage. This type of insulation is made up of the same stuff as what is laid down in lofts, however, it comes in the form of boards. These boards are made up of the insulation plus a cover to fit in with the atmosphere of the room while remaining effective.

Installing Room in Roof Insulation

How much does room in roof insulation cost?

The cost of filling a room in a roof with insulation depends on the size of the room and how it is laid out. While it can be a little more expensive than having loft insulation, all in all, the savings you'll make from having it installed will be worth the cost of install. On average, in a 3-bed semi-detached property, it'll be around £4,200. Fortunately, there are currently Government energy schemes that are available for a room in roof insulation and many other types of insulation. If you are in receipt of benefits or have a low income, you will be accepted and possibly receive cavity wall insulation for free.*