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First-Time Central Heating Grants

Under ECO3, you can now apply for a first-time central heating grant. But what is it and how do I know whether I qualify for it? This article aims to break down every possible question you may have about FTCH and whether it can be installed in your property.

FTCH refers to first time central heating. It's intended for those who do not have a central heating system or that their old one is outdated/inefficient.

Types of central heating that are covered by ECO3 first time central heating grant funding:

-Solid Wood/Coal/Fossil Fuel Fire with No Radiators

-Electric Storage Heaters

-Plug-in Storage Heaters

-LPG Gas with no Radiators

-No Heating at All

If you have one of these types of heating systems, you are entitled to having a brand new central heating system that's more carbon efficient if you qualify. This could either be in the form of heat pumps or gas central heating with radiators. It will generally come with a new boiler and even free insulation of your loft!

While an Oil heating system isn't very efficient, under current ECO rules, there is not funding for it. It's suspected that when ECO4 appears, there may be funding for it so hold off on applying for now.

How do I qualify for first time central heating?

There are two ways of qualifying for first time central heating grants and this currently applies to all ECO3 grants.

1. One person in your household is in receipt of a qualifying benefit

-Universal Credit

-Child Tax Credit / Working Tax Credit

-Pension Credit

-Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance

-Income Related Employment and Support Allowance

-Income Support

-Disability Living Allowance

-Personal Independence Payment

-Carers Allowance

-Severe Disablement Allowance

-Industrial Injuries Benefit

-War Pensions Mobility Supplement

-Constant Attendance Allowance

-Armed Forces Independence Allowance

If you are receiving one of the benefits listed, you will qualify for ECO3. You are likely to have it fully-funded meaning you won't have to pay a thing, however, in some circumstances, you may have to pay a small contribution fee but it's well worth it due to the amount of money you save.

2. You are receiving child benefit, live in fuel poverty, live with a disability (but not receiving a qualifying benefit for it) or you are in a low income household

This criteria is a little more ambiguous and is down to the local authority (the council) in your area to decide what the eligible criteria is.

To determine if someone is eligible, the local authority releases a 'Statement of Intent'. This document lays out households that would be appropriate to fund for the ECO3 grants (including first time central heating).

These documents are different for each local authority so it's important to know you have the right one and how to read it. Alternatively, if you get in contact with us or fill out a form for first time central heating, insulation or if you have electric storage heaters, we'll do all the work for you. It doesn't cost anything to do and we'll even do a free survey of your property if you're interested.

For more information, read our page on ECO3/LA Flex or contact us using the link above.

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