Feet by the Fire

Central Heating

During those winter months, it's important to make sure that your heating is energy-efficient to provide you with the most warmth possible without it being lost. Whether it's servicing an existing boiler or you want to replace an old system, we can help you out.

First-Time Central Heating (FTCH)

First-time central heating is the trade term for a property that has no central heating or has a very old system that doesn't use radiators. Electric storage heaters, plug-in heaters or back boilers are in the scheme and it is likely you'll be given full funding towards having them replaced/put in. Even if you're not sure, it's always best to check.

Gas Central Heating


Despite the headlines of gas prices rising, it is still cheaper and more efficient to have gas central heating than electric heating. As part of a gas first-time central heating, you'll also have loft insulation installed (we'll top it up if needed)!
It's time to find out if you qualify.

Electric Storage Heaters with Solar


For ECO4, Energy Grants UK will be able to install electric storage heaters for the first time. Our installers will only install the best storage heater brands. We'll also be able to install solar PV if your home is eligible for it.

Renewable Energy Solution with Solar


There has never been a better time to look at renewable energy solutions for your home. We can utilise the ECO4 scheme to help you with the cost of installing solar panels and either an air-source or ground-source heat pump.

First-Time Central Heating Process

How much does it cost to have a new central heating system?

If you have no central heating or have a very old system, servicing it or having a new one put in can be very expensive (up to £3,500 for a new system in a 3-bed household), however, there are currently Government energy schemes that are available for obtaining a new heating system along with many types of insulation that could also help cut down your energy bills. If you are in receipt of benefits or have a low income, you will be accepted and possibly receive a low-carbon central heating system for free.*