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Electric Storage Heaters

With ECO4 now upon us, we're able to install electric storage heaters into properties that don't currently have a gas connection. These heaters are only high retention or fan-assisted and they may also be able to come with solar PV. 


You may also be eligible for an Air-Source Heat Pump instead of electric storage heaters.

Electric Storage Heaters

Electric storage heaters are a type of heater that heats up during the night using an Economy 7 tariff. This tariff means that for 7 hours where energy demand is lower, you pay a lower rate for your electric heater to build heat. It's stored in ceramic bricks located in the heater. This heat is then released during the day.

Installing Electric Storage Heaters

How much does it cost to have electric storage heaters?

If you have no central heating or have a very old system, servicing it or having a new one put in can be very expensive (up to £3,500 for a new system in a 3-bed semi-detached household), however, there are currently Government energy schemes that are available for obtaining a new heating system along with many types of insulation that could also help cut down your energy bills. If you are in receipt of benefits or have a low income, you will be accepted.*