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The Energy Compliance Obligation (ECO) has entered into its fourth iteration beginning in March 2022. It will run from then until 2026.

What do we currently know about the scheme and how will it differ from the current ECO3 iteration? We'll use this article to explain what we currently know and how it will effect you.

What is ECO4?

ECO4 is the newest iteration of Government funding available to help those who are on a household income of £31,000 (gross) or under, who are referred by their doctor/energy provider, or a qualifying benefit to get central heating and insulation.

This is grant funding meaning you won't have to pay it back if you're eligible.

ECO4 covers a range of different central heating upgrades and insulation.
The following are available on ECO4:

Gas Central Heating

Non-Condensing Boiler Replacement

Air-Source Heat Pump

Solar PV

Replacement Storage Heaters

Loft Insulation

Room in Roof Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

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ECO4 Newsletter Round-Up

March 2022

ECO4 has been released!


We have been thrilled with the response and thank you to all those who have emailed us and phoned us to ask questions. We're now ringing through our call list of people who have applied for ECO4 or ASHPs can expect a call from us soon!

For the time being, we're in an interim period between ECO3 and ECO4 meaning that we may be able to qualify you on the old benefits (most of which are disability-related) and offer ECO3 measures. However, for ECO4, it means that we cannot give an accurate figure of how much measures may cost. We ask that you are patient with our team and we'll give you as much information as possible.

We'll do our best to continue to answer questions about the new Government grant.

ECO4 Newsletter Round-Up

November 2021

This month saw the Committee for Fuel Poverty comment on the consultation released in September by the Government about their current plans for ECO4. We also take a look at how air-source heat pumps have shook up the media and got people talking about how they could save money and do their bit for the planet.

Read the newsletter here.

September 2021


The points listed below are not final and are part of the consultation. This will give you an idea of what the Government is looking to do with ECOs 4th iteration and what ECO might look like going forward.

  • ECO will run from 2022-2026 and will cost £4 billion, £1 billion per year.

  • During ECO4, the Government have a target to have all homes in the UK up to an EPC band of D (2025).

  • Under ECO3, 25% of measures are delivered under LA Flex. This is now changing to 50% to help more of those off of benefits but are still classed as a 'low-income' household.

  • Under ECO3, the grant awarded is based on the lifetime savings of the insulation/heating is installed, however, under ECO4, this will be changed to how big the difference is between energy performance ratings.

  • The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) will work alongside ECO4 to help roll out of important measures for those most vulruable.

  • The list of qualifying benefits will be changing. The list can be found below.

  •  No more LPG or Oil tanks can be installed. A larger focus is being put on repairing current heating systems such as mains gas central heating and modern electric storage heaters.

  • In order to get first time central heating, you will be required to have some sort of solid wall insulation- this could be internal wall or external wall insulation.

  • If you are offered first time central heating, you will be required to take all insulation measures offered.

  • Innovative Measures (IM) such as heat pumps and solar panels will now be more widely offered.

ECO4 Eligibility

You will qualify if you are on are in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • Universal Credit 

  • Child Tax Credit / Work Tax Credit

  • Pension Credit 

  • Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance 

  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance 

  • Income Support 

  • Housing Benefit

  • Pension Credit Savings Credit

This means that a lot of benefits around disability will be removed.

If you don't have a qualifying benefit, you may qualify by:

  • Being in a "low-income" household (Roughly under £30,000)

  • Over the age of 65

  • Have a child under the age of 5

  • Have a serious illness

  • In receipt of child benefits

The Government's rules have changed so that more people can qualify under LA Flex.

Child Benefit

ECO4 Child Benefit Updated.jpg

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At Energy Grants UK, we've been helping people keep warm for over 20 years. Now, with the ECO Government scheme, we are able to offer partially or fully-funded insulation, boiler services or even an entirely new central heating system. This has allowed us to install thousands of measures.